REPCON is dedicated to research and development. We develop technical apparels from Angora for people specialising in extreme sports and outdoor activities. Angora is a natural smart fiber and is a proven, healthy alternative to petroleum derivative textile products.
Are you still wearing a plastic shopping bag while doing sports? Do you think it is healthy or functional? Check out outdoor performance apparels in the market and with astonishment you will find out that your alternative to synthetics will be synthetics again.
It is a crucial fact that outdoor sports people require specialised apparels according to their performance levels.
With synthetics you need more than one layer to keep warm by trapping the air between layers of clothing. But you need to be extremely light while doing outdoor sports. Synthetic apparels are said to be wicking away the moisture. But synthetics do not breathe. They only make you sweat more! There is no regulation of body heat and you feel clammy.
Sports people need light, warm/cool, breathable, anti-bacterial, dry and durable apparels. Or do you have to choose between? Now it is possible to get all-in-one with our new Angora Outdoor Performance Apparels.
Angora is the miraculously smart fiber shorn from Angora rabbits and we use this fiber to attain maximum comfort in all our product range. Angora sweaters used to be a fashion trend of 80’s. Now we redefine Angora and yes; it is possible be light, feel warm/cool, dry and comfortable in one versatile package with Angora!
Through our continuous research on Angora fiber, we developed new multi-functional base layers from Angora: they retain heat 8 times more than virgin wool base layers, regulate your body temperature naturally maintaining a steady temperature at the skin surface which synthetics cannot achieve, absorbs the moisture before allowing the vapour condensate on the surface of the clothing, and breathes constantly due to the hollow structure of fiber. The clothing is extremely light and provides a luxurious softness next to your skin.
Thus without many layers, it is possible to perform at your best with Angora with its smart technologies.

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