Angora Cat
The Turkish Angora cat is a pure, natural breed of longhaired cat, known for its ability to remain immobile for long periods and for its love of water and bathing; possibly originating from the Manul cat domesticated by the Tatars (Turkic-speaking peoples living at the plains of Asia who overran parts of Asia and Europe under Mongol leadership in the 13th century).

They migrated eventually to Central Anatolia,Turkey; where they are regarded today with great importance, as one of Turkish national treasures. Although many people use the term Angora to signify any longhaired cat, the only pedigreed cats that carry the name "Angora" are the Turkish Angora cats.

These cats make wonderful pets, and they love their owners with a single minded devotion. They love to run and play. They are among the most intelligent cat breeds. They are long, elegant, finely boned creatures with smoothly pointed faces, who adore running and playing with wonderful grace and a great zest for living. Their single, silky, medium length coats need only occasional grooming to look good.

Turkish Angora cats are available in a variety of colors, and their eye colors complement their coat colors; pure white Angoras with blue or odd-colored eyes are usually deaf; ears are large, wide at base, and pointed; tail is long, tapering, and usually carried curled.

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