ANGORA - The Smart Fiber
Angora is a superfine natural fiber with unique features that no other manmade or natural fiber has. It is the best remedy for cold and warm, wet and dry weather use combining comfort and performance in one. Due to its hollow structure, Angora is the top performer at thermal regulation.
Angora does not allow cold/warm weather to disturb the micro-climate of your body which is very sensitive to temperature changes. It almost insulates the cooler/warmer temperature out of the clothing, providing a buffering layer, while allowing the body breathe constantly like a natural air ventilator. As a result, micro-climate of your body between clothing and your skin is not disturbed. Your body temperature stays steady, and you feel a wonderful comfort right next to your skin.
Angora is superfine and does not have the keratine scales other wools have. This makes it the softest and naturally non-itchy natural fiber.
Angora is pure and clean and it does not go through any washing or chemical processes before use.  Read more
 - Angora Rabbit
 - Angora Goat
 - Angora Cat

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